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Meet Pixelbook - The Premium Chromebook from Google!

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Google has come up with its quota of brand new gadgets after Apple and have to say Google is successful in making our heads turn. They introduced a new generation Pixel lineup and Google Home, Google Lens, Pixel Buds and finally the premium Pixelbook which runs on Chrome OS.

This runs on the same path has Apple MacBook or Microsoft's Surface Laptop and is the expensive Chrome book ever made.

For the first time since Google discontinued the Chromebook Pixel last year, it’s back at the top end of the market with the Pixelbook, a laptop that starts at $999. And if you want, you can spend some more and get the Pixelbook Pen, a stylus designed specifically for this laptop.

The Pixelbook itself is stunning. It's an incredibly well-built, thin, and beautiful laptop that you can convert into a tablet by flipping the screen over. In this top-tier camp, Chromebooks aren't judged solely on their power and looks. Instead, they're judged on a different question: is it really worth spending so much on a Chrome OS device?

Chromebooks mostly exist in two camps. The first is the education market, where an entire generation of students has been using cheap, low-end laptops to get their schoolwork done. The second camp is the direct-to-consumer market, where manufacturers like Samsung and Asus have been introducing new models, but don't have the power or flexibility of a proper Windows or a Mac laptop.

Google's Chrome OS accounts for well over 50 percent of the education market. Many of those students are perfectly comfortable with Chrome OS, and are ready to buy a laptop for college.
Also, like nearly everything Google makes these days, the Pixelbook was built to support the Google Assistant. It has its own key down on the lower left of the keyboard. When you tap it, the Assistant pops up and you can type questions to it. It also responds to spoken "OK Google" requests. If you speak to it, it'll speak back. If you type, it replies silently.

You can also use the Pixelbook Pen with the Assistant. The pen has a button on it that, when pressed, enables the Assistant mode. You can circle anything on your screen, and the Assistant will open up and do some kind of search based on what you circled. It can do the usual Assistant-style demos like recognizing an actor or a movie, but it can also do a lookup and automatically offer to add stuff to your calendar.

Preorders already started and the shipping is going to start from November 15.

Key Specifications of Pixelbook are:

  • At the price point of $1000 you're getting a 7th generation Intel Core i5 powered model complete with 128GB of SSD storage.

  • At its highest configuration, the Pixelbook rings up for $1,649, or £1,699, for an Intel Core i7 model with 512GB of SSD storage.

  • Oh, and if you want the Pixelbook Pen, the stylus costs extra at $99, or £99.

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