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How does 3D touch on iPhone's work?

Apple is the first company to come up with 3D touch, although all it does is give an effect on screen to show more widgets from the app and is been also seen in Android Phones starting from Android 7.0.

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With several defining innovations that have changed the way we look at technologies, Apple has become synonymous of modernism. What was once believed to be complex, the Cupertino-based company made it unbelievably simple. Whether it's a mouse or an ultra-advanced smartphone with a large screen having just a single button, Apple has been a pioneer in bringing innovative technology to the world.

The tech giant first introduced Multi-touch that brought about a revolutionary change in the way we navigate apps using Tap, Swipe, and Pinch on iOS devices. No wonder the touch technology instantly won over iPhone and iPad users.

Force Touch: Pressure Sensitive Technology

Then came Force Touch-a pressure sensitive technology exclusively on Apple Watch, which later arrived on MacBook, MackBook Pro and Magic Trackpad 2.

Force Touch distinguishes between different levels of force applied to the device. Using Force Touch technology, users are able to carry out certain tasks quickly. As, for instance, you can force click reminders and dates to expand them and be able to perform more actions.

How Does 3D Touch Work?

In terms of functionality, 3D Touch is really smart. It allows you to carry out certain tasks instantly through quick actions.
You don’t need to launch an app to carry out commonly-used actions. As, for instance, if you want to take selfie, you don’t need to launch the Camera app. Simply light press on the Camera app, you get the option to Take Selfie right on your Home screen.

Difference Between Force Touch and 3D Touch:

Force Touch is smart enough to detect the pressure applied to the screen. It can detect not just multiple touches on the screen, but can also calculate the difference in pressure on various points of the screen.

However, while reacting to your touch, Force Touch is not as fast as 3D Touch. The lightning fast response of the 3D Touch is because of the fusion of capacitive sensors and strain gauges. This fusion is perfected by the “Taptic Engine”.

The Future of Touch Technology:

Knowing the significance of how much 3D Touch has been appreciated by iPhone 6s users; touch technology is going to get a lot better in future. With the amazing ability to let iPhone owners use their device with more convenience and faster, it is here to stay.
Android smartphone makers have already been charmed by this new technology and looking to cash in on it to enhance the user-experience of their device.

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