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5G Wave Hits India..!

Airtel 5G Rolled Out In Kolkata, Bengaluru - 5G Wave Hits India

The government on Tuesday set up a panel to lay down a roadmap for the rollout of 5G mobile networks in India by 2020, in a move that not only promises to make wireless connections blazingly fast but will also make room for the proliferation of Internet-connected smart devices.

5G networks, promise more speed, less latency, can serve a higher density of broadband users, and are optimized for Internet of Things (IoT), which refers to everyday objects becoming intelligent with the ability to send and receive data.

We have created a high-level 5G committee that will work on the vision, mission and goals of 5G,” telecom minister Manoj Sinha told news agency Press Trust of India.

5G is about to take over the telecom market in India!

The 5th generation wireless systems, or 5G in short, is about to take over the telecom market in India. Since last 48 hours, several new developments have been reported with respect to 5G deployment in India, both from private and Govt. sector.

Government’s stand in this regard is especially encouraging, because now, they are determined to deploy 5G across the country by 2020. And, not to be left behind, the private sector has already taken the initiative, as Airtel has launched India’s first 5G capable network in India.

For tech enthusiasts, this is indeed a good time to be alive.
Airtel Launches India’s 1st 5G Capable Network
Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru and superstar metropolis of yesteryears, Kolkata have become the lucky Indian cities to get India’s first 5G cities. Airtel has just deployed Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), which has been claimed to be India’s first 5G capable network.

This has been done under Airtel’s Project Leap network transformation program, wherein the network capability has been expanded by three to seven times, using the same spectrum.
In short, Airtel users will now be able to access the Internet faster, much faster.

Explaining the technicalities, Airtel said in a statement: “Massive MIMO creates 3D beams, both on horizontal and vertical planes towards users located within its coverage footprint. This helps in improving coverage and reducing interference across users in different beams, thereby improving signal quality (SINR) by 2-3dB. 

Serving multiple users by re-using the same set of resource blocks (MU-MIMO) with improved signal quality helps in improving user experience, cell capacity and spectrum efficiency,”
Technically, Airtel has described this as “pre-5G technology”, which will help Airtel users to access better coverage inside buildings and underground locations.

Govt. Of India Determined For Compete 5G Rollout
Meanwhile Govt. of India has said that want the entire nation to be equipped and powered with 5G network, by 2020.
A high level committee of Ministers from telecom, information and technology has been formed, which will oversee the deployment of 5G, in the next 3 years, pan-India.

Minister of State for Communications Manoj Sinha said, “We missed the opportunity to participate when the standards were being set for 3G and 4G, but don’t want to miss the 5G opportunity. Now when the standards are being set for 5G across the world, India will also participate in the process,”

As per the initial plan, every urban location in the country would be provided with 10 Gbps broadband speed, and rural locations would be covered under 1 Gbps speed.
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TRAI has already released a consultation paper to seek feedback related to 3300-3400 Mhz and 3400-3600 Mhz bands which would be used for 5G network.

Explaining the requirement for 5G, the Minister said, “As per the OECD Committee on Digital Economic Policy, it has been stated that 5G technology rollout will help in increasing GDP, creating employment, and digitizing the economy,”

Do you think India is ready for 5G? Do let us know by commenting right below!

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