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The 5 best audio enhancing apps for high resolution audio in Android.

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Yes, we are doing a piece on the best audio player apps for high-quality music playback in 2017. Over the past few years, music streaming apps such as Spotify, Saavn, Apple Music, and other similar apps have become the go-to place to listen to music on the go. However, there are still many who prefer listening to their own music collection. Most mobile devices nowadays are equipped with powerful audio capabilities. Here are a few apps that are perfectly capable of leveraging these high-end specs to give you a perfect listening experience.

1. Neutron Music Player:

The Neutron Music Player is specifically for the audiophiles out there who is concerned about the quality of the music. The developers claim that the 32/64 bit rendering engine results in the highest quality sound that one can get out of a mobile app. The app offers several other features including supporting formats such as Flac and MPC. It is available for a price of Rs 390 on the Google Play Store. An evaluation version is also available in case you want to try it out first before making a purchase.

2. Media Monkey:

Media Monkey is for users with an extensive collection of music. The app is a perfect tool to organize your music easily. You can consider this app as both a player and manager. Its unique feature is that it allows you to sync music library from your PC to your mobile and vice versa over wifi. The app is available for a price of Rs 233.32 on Google Play Store, whereas a free version with limited functions is also available.

3. Jet Audio Music Player:

This app is for music lovers who love to tweak the sound and get the best out of a song. It is equipped with preset equalizers, widgets, tag editors, and even MIDI player. There are two version available – Free and paid. With the paid version you can unlock a few extra EQ bands, FF/RW interval adjust, and other few features. The paid version is available for Rs 260 on the Google Play Store.

4. Poweramp:

Poweramp has been one the best music player for Android devices. The UI is simple wherein you can change tracks with a left or right swipe and playlist with up or down swipes. The app supports several playlist types and audio formats including the ogg, m3u, FLAC, etc. While the UI may seem complicated, once you get used to it the functionality will worth the effort. The trial version if available for free and the Pro version is priced at Rs 68.

5. Stezza:

If you are an Apple user, don’t worry we have got you covered too. Let’s accept it the iOS music player is no longer just a simple music app, it is a vehicle for Apple music. If you feel the same, the Stezza app is for you.  It is backed by a simple layout where every function is broken into one tile that is easy to access. The app allows you to change the background colour and some button as per your choice.  The songs purchased from iTunes can also be played using the app and so can be movies or TV shows. The app is a must if you stream music from your iPhone while driving and road-trips.

6. Pi Music Player:

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It is one of the best available apps for free in music portfolio and has one of the best music apps with great interface which is available in 4 types and the sound quality is also super good. 
The rest all with this app is super user friendly and has got smooth, enhanced experience with great sound effects packed into one.

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