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What should Google's Android "P" be called?

                    Android O/Oreo has been launched which is the latest awaited android update from Google, which has best newly added feature in it. Now most of the Android lovers have a thought or question in their minds. And everyone is already wondering what is Android 9 be called?

Yes, Let's see what would be the options to name  Android P.

1.Android 9.0 PANCAKE:

Everyone loves pancakes, mostly who love homemade. Whether topped with maple syrup, banana, nutella, jelly, bacon or even fried chicken, the humble pancake is a not insignificant achievement of human civilization. What other tasty treat has an entire day dedicated to its worship?
As a much-loved dish in all its various forms, the pancake has the mainstream appeal Google would need to promote its next OS to the masses.

2.Android 9.0 Popsicle:

Android Popsicle would be the first frozen dessert in the pantheon since 2011's Ice Cream Sandwich, and overall it's probably the most likely candidate for Android 9.0. The concept of a the underlying treat colored sugar water, frozen in a mold and held by a stick. It
So there's also known as Ice Lolly. There's an excellent chance Google will be doling out frozen Bugdroid ice pops in the summer of 2018.

3.Android 9.0 Puff Pastry:


4.Android 9.0 Pecan pie/ Pumpkin Pie:

5.Android 9.0 

6.Android 9.0 Pastille:

7.Android 9.0 Pound Cake:

8.Android 9.0 Petit four:

Petit four is considered a special name since it was already a name the Google's O Android 1.1, but it was not offically named. It was an internally named. All the foods were yummy that will suit  as a name for the Android P. 

what's you guess that Android 9.0 i.e Android P will be called?

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