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Motorola Granted Patent for a Smartphone Display That Repairs Itself.

We are in a era where transition from one technology to other takes place in no time. Now, after the LG's Curved display to Samsung's Infinity display and next its Motorola where the company has granted patent for a display that repairs itself when damaged.

Motorola has mentioned "shape memory polymer" in documents.
The screen will be used over the touchscreen display on the smartphone. The handset will use heating effect to bring screen to original shape.

Lenovo'sMoto brand has previously provided smartphones that have 'shatterproof' displays but it seems like the company is now ready to take things a notch higher. Motorola Mobility has now filed a patent for a screen that is capable of healing itself after getting deformed, at least to certain degree, as per the documents that were spotted on the Patent and Trademark Office website of the US.As per the documents, spotted by The Verge, Motorola has explained that using a heating effect, the proposed smartphone will be able to repair the damage partially in the affected area after identifying the cracks on its own, as per the report. 

In its documents, Motorola has mentioned "shape memory polymer" to make the screen, which can essentially come back to its original condition after being deformed by simply applying some heat.The user can reportedly use their body heat to get the screen to its original shape as well. Considering that this is just a patent filing, you can almost be sure that we are not very close to seeing these kinds of displays on smartphones soon. 

There is also a possibility that Lenovo might ditch this concept altogether and move onto a different technology.Despite all the aforementioned factors, there is no doubt that this kind of a screen will save users from the cost of screen protectors and cases and will certainly help those of us who drop our phones from time to time.

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