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"Why My Mobile Isn't Getting Charged?" Here Is a Simple Solution.

Some users in our Community have reported that their devices are not charging or their charger is not working properly. Here we will discuss why it happens and how to solve this issue.

Why my device is not charging?

It’s one of the main issues which many of us have experienced at some point. There are a few problems that could be the reason for this or it could simply be charging slowly. Here we will discuss few of the major reasons,

Damaged charger or USB Cable,( in most of the cases the reason is this)

Issue with your wall socket

Voltage fluctuations

USB socket issue

Battery damage

Hardware issue

The rate of discharge is more than the rate of charging, this issue arise while you use your device while charging the phone and play graphics intensive games.

How to diagnose the real issue?

It's a simple process. On Google Play Store an application named ‘Ampere’ is available which is free of cost. Ampere is a really great application for checking if your phone is charging and how much it’s charging. It identifies how much current is being drawn in from your device when it charges. If the application shows up green number, the device is charging, but if it’s an orange minus number, then your device is discharging.And verify whether the device is not charging or it is having slow charging. If your device is not charging using your wall adapter, check this charger with other devices and confirm this issue or you can check this issue with help of another charger.

How can you report this issue to us?

After diagnosing an issue, if it's related to software or issue like charging is not happening after 70% and all, you guys can easily report to us by posting a thread in Mi Community with proper screenshots and proper description about the issue under that specific device section.

How can this issue be solved??

For solving this issue, one can follow the steps below and we are recommending you to use the charger which is provided along with your device, some duplicate chargers or the charging of high ratings can cause damage to you and your device.

Damaged Wall Sockets: If your wall socket is damaged ( confirm it by charging an another device with this charger ). Damaged wall sockets can be replaced by our Service Centre. The company is providing 6 Months Warranty for all the accessories. If your warranty expired, don't worry you can buy new socket from or service centre.

Damaged Cables: Please replace it as mentioned above.and the case of any hardware issue: You can visit our nearby service centre or call our customer care, we are always happy to help you.


“Prevention is better than cure “- Desiderius Erasmus

Always use original charger

Connect charger to a good power supply

Don't play high graphic intensive games while charging, which can increase the rate of discharge

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