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The State of LTE (June 2017)

The mobile industry may now be turning its attention to 5G, but as OpenSignal's latest analysis of global LTE performance shows there is still plenty of activity surrounding 4G. As new LTE networks come online and old networks gain new life through LTE-Advanced upgrades, 4G signals are making their way into new niches across the globe and operators are pushing the boundaries of 4G speeds.

According to Opensignal's 2017 report on the list of the countries which have faster internet speeds  and number of users over the internet using 4G LTE speeds on their devices.

Despite of falling average, India shot up our LTE availability rankings, reflecting a rare instance in which a single operator can have an outsized impact on a mobile market in just a short time. Jio's nationwide 4G launch in September attracted 100 million LTE subscribers, making 4G services far more accessible in India,but at the expense of lower average speeds. 


Although India lags behind on speeds, the nation has quickly increased its coverage to overtake a number of countries in the past two years. The country’s 4G users see a connection 81.6% of the time, putting the company not far outside of the top 10.

This seems to confirm the theory that more and more Indian consumers are coming online and that 4G networks continue to reach more consumers. Barely two years ago, customers could only achieve a 4G connection in the country just 50% of the time.

China and India are two countries which have a high number of internet users as per march 2017 followed by USA.

When it comes to continents, it is easy to say that Asia has more number people over the internet than followed by the Americas and Europe.

When coming to Global internet average speed over LTE has fallen down from 2016, where it was measured at 17.4 Mbps to 16.2 Mbps in 2017. The report believes that it is due to a large number of countries bringing lower capacity networks online recently as the demand increases.

At the same time the fastest 15 countries now offer more than 30 Mbps speed and there happens to be a growing gap between fastest and slowest networks globally.

Top 5 Fastest Countries:

CountriesSpeed (Mbps)
South Korea43.46
The Netherlands38.36

Thus, concluding the topic globally countries have developed in terms of providing the internet and speeds. At this rate digitization increase and age of cashless transactions begins.

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