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10 ways! One can hack your Facebook.

We are in a world where one can find any person's  personal information online. Social networking sites have become an easy platform for stealing any one's personal information without their concern.
In this post you get to learn about 10 different ways by which one can hack into our Facebook.


Phishing is still the most prominent technique to hack someone's personal accounts and there are several strategies to carry out phishing attacks.

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  • In the most basic attack, Hacker creates a fake page of  the original FB page and seems precisely genuine.
  • In this step the hacker sends this page url in the form of emails and other spam accounts which redirects to this page and asks for a Login for causality.
  • Once the user logins through the fake page, the email address and the password are put away into a content record.
  • The hacker then downloads the content document and gets your personal details and hacks into your accounts.
  • They are some websites and tutorials on YouTube to make a phishing attacks and fake pages.


Keylogging is the best and easiest way to hack into someone's personal computer with ease.
It is an attack, even a person with a good knowledge of computer knowledge also falls for it.
A Keylogger is basically a small program which once installed on a victim's computer, it will record everything which the victim types on their respective computers.

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    1. Software keylogger: This works on a victim's operating system like Windows or IOS and is installed through a program.
    2. Hardware Keylogger: This is directly connected to the victim's device like keyboard.    
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  • Keylogger when installed in your computer and is totally invisible, records all the key operations of the victim's computer and later sends the logs to the hacker to his mail.
  • A keylogger follows user's keystrokes on the keyboard and can save anything including passwords.
  • There is a rumor that when we use virtual keyboard nothing happens, but this is completely wrong as keylogger records keystroke signature, which will be same when typed using hardware or software keys.
  • Using this, one can know all the passwords of the user accounts including Gmail, FB, etc.,
One can purchase a keylogger on the internet through subscription.


It is a technique which can be often be dangerous if you are accessing FB through " http:// " connection.
 In this method hacker steals the victim's browser cookie which is used to authenticate a user on a website and uses it to access victim's account.

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These attacks are usually seen in LAN connections.


  • The user is unaware that he is being watched.
  •  The hacker establishes a connection between the victim and the server and gathers information between transactions.
  • To combat this attack, one can use a Firefox add-ion called "Force TLS" and for chrome "KB SSL Enforce".


Almost about 80% of the people store passwords in their browser to access FB. This is a convenience for the hacker to steal from the browser.

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  • Use a password manager like "Intel TrueKey" to fill out the forms without typing credentials of the user and this is safe.
  • Avoid saving passwords on browsers when asked "remember password" press "not now" button.


It is a popular attack for hacking FB and other email accounts typically done on wireless public networks.
It is the same as Session Hijacking and use the same protection methods to be safe.

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Millions of people access FB over mobile phones and hacker use Mobile spyware softwares, at this point there are plenty available in the market to monitor the user's actions.

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  • Use the 2 step security feature for safeguarding your account, and also use your phone no. to recieve SMS when someone misuses your account.
  • Use Code Generator for Android Phones whenever you want to access FB on your mobile.


If an attacker uses physical access to your computer in the form of USB's and Pen Drives to access your information or to input softwares like Keyloggers into a victim's computer.

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  • Do not leave your laptop unattended.
  • Install an antivirus software that tells your computer not to accept unrecognized devices.


A Hacker can place himself between the client  and server in LAN connections and also can act as a default gateway and captures all traffic in between.

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He can also alter the information that is being transferred and can also cause delays in networks causing crash of the website.


Botnets are not commonly used for hacking FB, because of it's high setup costs. So, they are used to carry advanced attacks.
A Botnet is a collection of compromised computers. Infects same as Keyloggers and also gives you additional options to carry out attacks on comprised computer.
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Some of the popular Botnets include "Spyeye" and "Zeus".

If both attacker and victim are on the same network, then an attacker can use a DNS spoofing attack and change the original page to his own phishing page and can access victim's information.

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  • Use VPN's to mask your IP addresses and location and to be secure in public networks.


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