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Everyone is accustomed in typing on a QWERTY keyboard, but where did it come from and how does it evolve and why we use only QWERTY keypad, all these are explained in this post.

Ancient days when typewriters were introduced in about 1860's the keyboard was built on the basis of the keys of the piano and  there was only one  arrangement of  alphabets on these keypads in straight A-Z alphabetical manner, but this created a problem for writers as this jammed the keys of typewriters and writer need to rearrange the keys and start typing which created a nuisance and a lot of waste of time.

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 But over the time and lots of arrangement experimentations later Christopher Latham Sholes introduced QWERTY model for the first time in 1873 and it was believed that it is was introduced to delay the speed of typing which is a hoax the actual reason is to reduce the jamming of the keys in typewriter and this model became famous when a company named Remmington introduced QWERTY keypad for the first time in their typewriter named Remmington 2 in 1878 and soon it became famous and it is also the first keyboard ever introduced with a "shift" key so that writer can type both small and capital alphabets on one typewriter and this became a tradition and everyone started implementing QWERTY model on their laptops , pc's , mobiles ,etc and it even runs today .

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But there is also another type of keyboard named DVORAK keyboard introduced by Dr August Dvorak in 1936 with lots of research which increases typing speed and minimize errors .It is very efficient as it is designed with great precision as it consists of vowels to the left side of keyboard and consonants to the right side of the keyboard and punctuation on the top row making typing easier .It has a home row in the middle which has 70% of most used words making comfortable in usage where as QWERTY consists of only 20% most usage word in home row .This keyboard also comes with other language integrations like Sweedish , Norwegian , British , Spanish ,etc.,

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Will DVORAK replace the QWERTY design?

     It is not going to happen because people are habituated with QWERTY design and changing ultimately means changing of electronic gadgets and also relearning and weeks of practice to become perfect and all the companies have to change their production design which is a huge loss and people are not gonna accept it.
    Even all the keyboard shortcuts for windows will be disturbed if we change the pattern and gaming becomes tough as most of the games come with QWERTY as their default integration and even with a lot of practice we are prone to type errors.
    So, in this case people choose mostly on Tradition than Efficiency.

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