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LTE stands for .......(know many more most used shortforms in here )

So, we generally come across these shortforms which we don't know their  abbreviations in our day to day life so here are the most used of those hope it's helpful.

LTE             -    Long Term Evolution
VOLTE       -    Voice Over Long Term Evolution
GPU            -   Graphics Processing Unit
LAN            -   Local Area Network
JPEG           -   Joint Photographic Experts Group
LCD            -   Liquid Crystal Display
ISP              -   Internet Service Provider
IP                -   Internet Protocol 
CAPTCHA -   Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart
I/O              -   Input/Output
HTTP         -   Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTML        -   Hyper Text Markup Language
DVD           -   Digital Video Disk
CCTV         -   Closed Circuit Television
GIF             -   Graphics Interchange Format
GPU           -    Graphics Processing Unit
HDMI        -    Hi-Definition Multimedia Interface
Cc/Bcc       -    Carbon Copy/Blind Carbon Copy
(used in gmail)
SQL           -     Structured Query Language
PNG           -    Portable Network Graphics 
SMS           -    Short Message Service 
URL           -    Uniform Resource Locator
GPS           -    Global Positioning System
CPU           -    Central Processing Unit
WWW       -    World Wide Web
SD Card    -    Secured Digital Card
SSL           -    Secured Socket Layer
DSL          -     Digital Subscriber Line
MPEG      -    Moving Picture Experts Group
MAC        -    Media Access Control
PDF          -    Portable Document Format
VPN         -    Virtual Private Network
CAD         -   Computer Aided Design

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