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INTEL,NVIDIA,AMD which produces better graphics??

How do you define better? The reason for this is that there are enough ways to compare the two company's offerings that result in a different answer depending on what your criteria are.

These days we hear a lot about Intel ,Nvidia,Amd graphics in our PC's and the ones who plays PC games are more familier with these companies as they produce GPU's for PC's.

This image gives a mental idea about graphics placed in CPU's .

 Intel mostly manufacturers low end graphics which can be bundled with their processors to give basic graphic capabilities to a computer. Nvidia, on the other hand, produces mid-high end graphics mostly used by gamers and enthusiasts.
Intel graphics are more suitable for places like offices or home computers where graphic requirements are low

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Best for power consumption and heat output: Is this a category? Do we care? If we do, Nvidia has been pulling ahead in this category for a while now. Similar performance, less power and less heat. Thermal throttling of your GPU sucks and having to spend money on a burlier PSU to support a cheaper GPU skews the Total Cost of Ownership metric a bit now doesn't it?

Best for the game you like the most: This is where things get into a real toss up. Some games are optimized more for Nvidia cards than AMD cards. Some are the other way around. If all the games you like are optimized for Nvidia cards, then AMD being 'technically better' doesn't matter.

Every PC needs a graphics chip. I don't know the exact numbers, but I think about 99% of PCs today would have a graphics chip from either Intel, Nvidia or AMD

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Generally PC's are designed choosing the CPU+GPU given in the above picture .Mostly Intel is used as CPU in 90% of PC's even though AMD comes in lesser prices people dont really prefer them as CPU . 
When comes to graphics its other way around people prefer AMD most for average gaming for reasonable costs as their GPU. But if you want faster performance and intensive graphics with stability you need to choose Nvidia as they provide stability but these are too costly .

For normal people who does not make gaming as their first priority they take Intel as they make powerful CPU's and normal graphics which would be sufficed for normal users .

AMD produces graphics under radeon series like RX 470, RX460, RX480 to more about these
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Nvidia produces under GeForce series to know how big is Nvidia you should know it collaborated with AUDI to make graphics cards in upcoming cars to know more about them
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