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Now-a-days everyone has a Windows PC or a laptop. So here in this article am gonna list the 10 windows applications that every PC should consist of.

Top 10 Apps:

1.360 Security: 

           This app is a free software available for antivirus as well as for clearing log files and boosting your PC.

2. VLC / POT Player:

               Iam gonna recommend any of these media players as they both can play any type of extension of media .But Pot player is best as people complain that using VLC can make go your laptop speakers damaged.

3. F.LUX:

        This software is very important for people who spend more time on the laptop, it helps to maintain colors on the screen reduces eye strain with more vibrant color. It's like reading mode on Android phones.

4. BeeMusic Player:

      It is probably the best music players for windows as it as great customizations on the screen and equalizer where we can set our mood to music.

5. Ninja Download Manager:

       To be straight forward its exactly like IDM but for free and works very well with no compromise just like IDM.

6. Shareit:

       It is useful for transfer of files, music, videos, photos, etc., between mobiles and laptops works by using the hotspot.

 7. Fences:

      It is for organizing our apps on desktop attractively ,do mind that its a paid software, but it has trail period so do try out.

8. Driverpack Online:

        The best software to find the drivers of laptops it consists of all the drivers of all branded laptops and of all versions for free.

9. Psiphon:

      It is one of the best vpn for windows it works brilliantly and has many countries servers to make a proxy and for free.

10. SublimeText3:    

         It is best Notepad for taking all programming languages and giving a great interface to work on.

So friends, here are some best apps to install on windows. If u find interesting, please give me a note, I'll provide you with links to download.

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