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Basically its a myth that you can't leave your phone to charge overnight ,because well you can charge it overnight because our mobile phones have got lot smart over the years to function against overcharging .
  so from the years batteries have classified into two types one is Lithium ion and the other is Nickel based batteries . 
   In Nickel based batteries basically these are not used in mobiles these are used in battery cells like Duracell and Li ion battery is used in our mobiles ,these are thin ,small and lifespan is more when compared to Ni batteries .Its because of Li ion the charging adapters are so portable and compatible but the only drawback is they are temperature sensitive but it is also achieved through the years .
   In nickel batteries when a battery is charged after each cycle it forgets its maximum capacity and makes highest charge point as maximum so that is why we switched to Li ion batteries in mobiles.

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   Battery lifespan depends on "Charge Cycles" while they are charged so from (1% to 100% ) it is one charge cycle so our batteries are prepared to generally last limited charge cycles so if you want your battery lifespan to last longer then its better to maintain charge between (10% to 90%) every time .
   Our smartphones developed to detect overcharge and essentially switches over to power source as primary source so that when we left overnight charging we can see 100% mark in the morning .
    Recently Quickcharge has been developed by Qualcomm so that our battery charge reaches over 60% in 30 min. The only problem that worries people is heat.

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